Company Mission, Values & Philosophy

  • ・To earn the trust and satisfaction of our clients
  • ・To cultivate and nurture talented people
  • ・To contribute to the societal development of the region
  • ・To be a dynamic enterprise which constantly ventures ahead
Ayahiko Nakamura

Ever since Kyouei was founded in 1936, we have always prioritized the satisfaction of our clients. We seek to earn their trust with our relaxed and inviting corporate culture. We seek to advance the industry itself, not only by improving technology and techniques, but by actively cultivating talented people.

A company is nurtured and supported by local society which surrounds it. It is only natural that a company promotes the societal development of the region which supports it. We believe that by aiming for the top, daring new ventures, and pursuing growth, we can obtain even greater confidence from our region. President and CEO Ayahiko Nakamura

Company Profile

  • Name
  • Owner
    Ayahiko Nakamura
  • Established
    1936 (Showa 11)
  • Incorporated
    1973 (Showa 48)
  • Capital
    30,000,000 Yen
  • Services
    Real Estate Transactions, Building and Home Renovations, Design, Planning, Construction
  • Sapporo Office
    Postal Code:060-0002
    Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Central Ward, North 2 Jo West 2 Chome, 1-5 Regent Bldg 3F
  • Head Office
    Postal Code:079-8412
    Hokkaido, Asahikawa City, Nagayama 2 Jo 19 Chome, 4-1
  • Licences
    Our company possesses the following licences, which permit real estate transactions and contracts
    ・総合建設請負業 北海道知事許可 (特‐1) 上川第1449号
    ・一級建築士事務所 北海道知事登録 上川第746号
    ・宅地建物取引業 北海道知事免許 上川(9)第774号
  • Membership
    Our company is a member of the following real estate organizations
    ・財団法人 住宅性能保証機構登録店
    ・社団法人 北海道建築士事務所協会会員
    ・社団法人 全国宅地建物取引業保証協会会員
    ・社団法人 北海道宅地建物取引業協会会員
    ・財団法人 東日本不動産流通機構会員
    ・インターネット旭川不動産情報 (IRI) 加盟店
    ・不動産情報サイト アットホーム加盟店
  • Qualified Employees
    Our team includes the following licensed professionals and specialists
    ・1 First-class Licensed Architect
    ・3 Second-class Licensed Architects
    ・1 Interior Coordinator
    ・2 Renovation Consultants
    ・1 First-class Licensed Construction Accountant
    ・3 Licensed Real Estate Brokers
    ・2 Mortgage Advisors
  • Associated Businesses
    ・Kyouei (Sapporo Branch)
    ・Akou Commerce (Sapporo)
    ・Sanwa Stonemasonry (Asahikawa)