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Find Your Ideal Hokkaido Rental

Renting means that you have more flexibility to choose where you want to live and for how long. It means no unexpected, big-ticket expenditures. It means fewer steps and less hassle before you are actually able to move in. Without worrying about loans, taxes, or maintenance, you get more time and freedom to live your life the way you want to.

But, it is exceedingly difficult to make a choice on a place to live when you are new to the area or have no prior experience. It is easy to get lost in the jargon, rental agreements and tenancy rules. It is an incredibly stressful time, especially when you are forced do the whole thing in another language. That’s why you can get such a huge benefit from having a partner who knows the area, can explain the process, and interpret the lingo.

If you are looking for a rental in Hokkaido, RE/MAX Kyouei is ready to consult, advise and help you through the process.

RE/MAX KYOUEI in Hokkaido


Process for renting

In general, rental transactions follow the same steps, but the order and progression will ultimately depend on you - the client, and your wishes.

  • Consultlet’s talk about what you want
    We can meet in person or online to discuss your needs, wants, preferences and timeline. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in the market or first time in the country, if you have specific requests or general ideas, if you know a little or a lot; we can meet for a consultation on your schedule.
  • Budgetdecide what price to aim for
    Based on your consultation and your requests, we can get a good idea of how much rent to expect and how much money you will need pay upfront.
  • Searchlook for places that meet your needs
    By the time they have contacted a real estate agent, most people have already searched online for properties. We can take a look together at what you’ve found and discuss whether it seems like a good fit.
  • Viewlook at the best candidates
    We can look at rooms in person, online, or using a virtual tour. Check, try out, inspect, evaluate and take notes.
  • Applysubmit the rental application
    The application also includes the tenancy evaluation. Once the landlord accepts the application, we can proceed to the next step.
  • Explainterms and conditions of the rental agreement
    This step must be performed by a licensed real estate broker, it is your right as a client to have everything explained to your satisfaction, before you sign. This explanation includes multiple subjects, such as utilities, natural disaster and hazard info, limitations on usage, and terms of the contract itself.
  • Signpay all associated costs
    The contract lists all of the details of the transaction. You will receive a detailed breakdown of the costs and most of the fees will be paid at this time. The landlord and managers will sign at a later date, after which, you will receive a copy.
  • Move in
    Once you move in, the next task will be to setup utility accounts and connections. Depending on the utility, this can be done online, by phone, or in person.
    Make sure you take notes and pictures of any damage that you find as soon as possible. You don’t want to be unfairly blamed for damage you didn’t cause.


Rental Simulation

In Japan, there are much more fees related to renting an apartment, especially compared to rental markets abroad.
For this simulation, let’s look at a 1LDK (one bedroom, a living room and small kitchen) with an area of 40 sqm.

Unit: Yen

  • Rent
    Written in ads (the monthly amount used to calculate other costs)
  • Maintenance Fee

    ... more

  • Agent Commission

    ... more

  • Guarantor Fees

    ... more

  • Damage Insurance

    ... more

  • Room Cleaning Fee

    ... more

  • Air Conditioner Cleaning Fee

    ... more

  • Heater Cleaning Fee

    ... more

  • Totals

    ... more